Mass Appeal International is a global, charitable, organization, founded at the turn of the century, a time that boasts of an economic boom that is unfortunately not experienced by everyone in this nation. We recognize that economic sustainability is increasingly tied to education. It is our mission to help individuals and families that find themselves in the wake of disaster, be it man made or act of nature, we also help individuals challenged with physical, and economic barriers. While our efforts reach developing nations, it was concluded that Mass Appeal International shall serve developing communities within the USA to create a common ground for a global community.

Mass Appeal International has been fostering authentic cross- cultural communication, embracing the United Nation’s Declaration of Human Rights through its workshops and seminars. Mass Appeal has also lent its efforts to producing emergency relief for survivors of natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina, and recently to Peru’s earthquake survivors.

Mass Appeal International is 100% volunteer driven. Our programs are implemented via collaboration with existing community and faith based organizations and corporations.

Founding President

Boston native Karla Romero, is the founding President and CEO of Mass Appeal International. Ms. Romero is seasoned with years of experience in the nonprofit sector. Ms. Romero represented Boston in the Miss USA Pageant as Miss Boston, she served as a motivational speaker for high-risk urban youth, promoting higher education, civic duty, self-determination, and pride in diversity. Ms. Romero holds her BS in Criminology and Law, Psychology minor from Suffolk University and her Master’s of Human Service Administration. Ms. Romero’s appointment as Justice of the Peace allows her to promote family values. As a certified real estate agent, Ms. Romero advocates for affordable housing and sustainable communities. The Governor of Massachusetts has awarded Karla Romero for her outstanding efforts in Public Health Education. Ms. Romero diligently continues her work as a Goodwill Ambassador here in America and in third world countries.